Solar Panels for Industrial and Commercial Roofs

  • Can be added as part of an existing roofing project
  • Increase the EPC rating of your building
  • Ideal for large roofs
  • Bring energy costs down

A Simple Process

The installation of solar panels on commercial and industrial buildings can be a straightforward process as part of an existing roof project.

The ideal roof for the fit of solar panels would be south to west facing and light would not be obstructed by overhanging trees or other buildings. In most cases, no planning permission is required. JDB Industrial Roofing can manage the surveys and installation of the panels, including energy forecasts.

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Low maintenance and long lasting

The installation of solar photovoltaic systems (Solar PV) provide a low maintenance and long lasting solution to lowering your carbon footprint and increasing EPC rating, with panels generally lasting up to 25 years.

JDB Industrial Roofing can supply a quote for the installation of solar pv panels to your existing steel roof, or provide you with the costings for the replacement of your asbestos roof with a new roofing system that can have panels attached. This coupled with the knowledge that the financial savings over the years could actually cover the cost of your new roof, makes solar panels an attractive option.

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