Coating of Commercial & Industrial Roofs

  • Immediate waterproofing of metal roofs
  • Speedy installation
  • Encapsulation or edge lap treatment
  • Increase longevity of your metal roof


Metal roof coating / encapsulation

Metal roof panels are susceptible to corrosion from the actions of rain, salt spray and general weathering. If the rusted areas extends back further than the line of fixings, the roof panel cannot be saved and will need to be replaced. This can be very disruptive and could be expensive. However, with proper maintenance and treatment, steel roofs can last up to 40 years.

JDB recommends annual roof inspections to keep an eye on the level of corrosion as a cost effective way to maintain the roof. We will recommend treatments that can increase the longevity of your roof. This includes edge lap treatment, which will seal the cut edges. We also offer encapsulation as a solution for the whole roof surface. Encapsulation uses a cold liquid-applied waterproofing system installed onto your roof surface, creating an immediate waterproofing membrane, whilst not disrupting the day to day running of your business.

Coating / Encapsulation Benefits

  • Immediate waterproofing
  • Speedy installation
  • Save time-related costs
  • No disruption to the day to day running of your business

Peace of mind

We specialise in taking the weight of a roofing project off clients’ shoulders

  • Professional, qualified operatives – CSCS, SSSTS, SMSTS, Safe Contractor
  • We’ll keep your business operational
  • We’ll manage the project’s CDM and Health & Safety requirements
  • We’ll recommend the route to minimise your costs