Warehouse Asbestos Roof Strip and Resheet in Leicester

You know you’re doing something right when your client asks you back for a third time – assisting in the full refurb of an industrial estate in Leicester, requiring the removal of an asbestos roof with replacement composite panels, refurbing an old building and taking it up to modern building regulation standards.

We know the site well, but regardless the same health and safety assessments are made bespoke to every project we conduct.  Full RAMS (risk assessments and method statements), the installation of safety netting, edge protection and scaffold access preceded our operatives arrival on site.

Material deliveries were strictly coordinated as access can be tight on site, along with enclosed skips for the asbestos sheet removal.  All our operatives are trained to UKATA non licensed with NNLW standard as a minimum, so our clients can be assured of the correct management and disposal of asbestos waste.

The benefits, as with the first two building refurbishments that were conducted, is improved thermal efficiency, increase in natural daylight, and improvement of aesthetics externally as we have also installed wall cladding throughout.