Industrial and Commercial Roof Refurbishment

  • UK nationwide specialists in industrial and commercial roof refurbishment
  • Range of high quality services at competitive prices
  • Professional, qualified operatives
  • Stop water ingress in a cost effective way

Benefits of roof refurbishment

  • Watertight roofs
  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Increased roof longevity
  • Solutions for all budgets
  • Lengthy guarantees

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Guaranteed Peace of Mind

We specialise in taking the weight of a roofing project off clients’ shoulders

  • Professional, qualified operatives – CSCS, SSSTS, SMSTS, Safe Contractor
  • We’ll keep your business operational
  • We’ll manage the project’s CDM and Health & Safety requirements
  • We’ll recommend the route to minimise your costs

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Types of refurbishment

There are different routes that can be taken, depending on factors such as the roof type and material, the budget available and the need to keep the building below occupied.

  • Replacing an asbestos roof
  • Refurbishing a flat roof
  • Adding insulation
  • Renovating rooflights

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Use our guide below to find out more about the options available, and contact JDB Roofing today to arrange a survey of your roof – we will provide you with a full quotation, usually within one week of our survey or receipt of plans and specifications.

Strip and Resheet

  • When complete removal required, eg of asbestos roof
  • Single or twin skin
  • Composite panels with insulation

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resheeted roof


  • Building remains in use during repair
  • Overclad fixes to existing roof
  • Insulation & new topsheet

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overclad roof

Flat Roofs

  • Repairs
  • Overlays
  • Replacement
  • Solutions for your individual needs and budget

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worker replacing commercial flat roofing in london


  • Increase the longevity of your roof
  • Applied via spray or brush
  • To either asbestos or metal roofs
  • Treating cut edge corrosion to metal roofs
  • 10+ year product warranty

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Asbestos Roof Repairs

  • Approved asbestos removal techniques
  • UKATA accredited contractors
  • Years of experience in asbestos removal
  • Safe removal and disposal of affected materials

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  • Increase natural light
  • Save on energy bills
  • Also on overclad roofs

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empty building interior with rooflights in Lincolnshire