Overclad of Warehouse Asbestos Roof in Leicestershire

Our client’s building had an old asbestos roof which was failing, a refurbishment was required and they called JDB for our recommendations.  The roof already had solar panels installed directly onto the asbestos roof – we love our forward-thinking clients, harnessing solar energy to cut electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint, but they had received poor advice, as installing photovoltaic units directly onto an asbestos roof is bad practice – just the installation disturbs the original sheets, making it prone to even more water ingress – these roofs are in excess of 40 years, and are fragile!

JDB conducted a free survey and compiled a quotation for the client that included the removal of the originally installed solar, the installation of an overclad, improving the building’s thermal performance by introducing additional insulation, as well as offering a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the new roof sheets, and then the reinstallation of the original solar panels….but only after we had given them a clean and refurbishment with a hydrophobic coating – to ensure optimum performance.