Overcladding of Office / Warehouse Roof in Lincolnshire

Sophie Allport, a renowned lifestyle brand specializing in distinctive and stylish homeware, fabric, and accessories, faced a significant challenge with the roofing of their premises The Old Brewery in Bourne.

The existing roofing system was showing signs of wear and tear, resulting in leaks and compromising the recent internal refurbishment work they had undertaken.

To address this issue, Sophie Allport requested a survey from JDB Refurbishments to inspect their existing roofing, and provide recommendations on how to ensure the longevity of their building.

JDB proposed an overcladding solution, which involves installing a new metal roof over the existing one, providing added protection and insulation while improving the overall appearance of the building.

As part of JDB’s due diligence we will always ensure structural surveys are undertaken prior to works commencing, not only for the new proposed roof and potential snow loads but also to establish if the existing framework will allow for the addition of solar panels in the future.

JDB developed a customized overclad solution tailored to Sophie Allport’s specific requirements, which incorporated increasing the girth of their existing gutters, as the existing ones were struggling to cope during severe weather conditions.

warehouse and office overclad lincolnshire

The refurbishment of the roof has improved energy efficiency and thermal performance, reducing heating and cooling costs. All metal sheets installed over the existing roof come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty, as do the gutters that have been lined with a bespoke lining system.

The overclad roofing solution has extended the lifespan of the building’s roof, providing long-term protection and peace of mind for the owners.

warehouse overclad lincolnshire