Composite Roofing Contractors

JDB Industrial Roofing is one of the leading industrial roofing contractors in UK. We specialise in external wall cladding, steel roof cladding, metal roof cladding and other roof cladding systems.

Working with JDB Roofing means we can take the weight of a roofing project off your shoulders.

Benefits of composite roofing

  • Lengthy guarantees
  • Variety of colours and textures
  • Improved aesthetics
  • For new builds or strip-and-resheets
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Peace of mind

  • Professional, qualified operatives – CSCS, SSSTS, Safe Contractor
  • We’ll keep your business operational
  • We’ll manage the project’s CDM and Health & Safety requirements
  • We’ll recommend the route to minimise your costs
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What is composite roofing?

Composite panels consist of three layers. The top sheet (the surface of the roof), the insulation and the liner sheet (seen from inside the building). Building regulations allow for an 80mm standard panel to offer sufficient thermal efficiency for a building which is measured as a U-value. A 60-70mm panel offers adequate U-values for the sides or cladding of a new building depending upon the specific design requirements for the cladding. Wall cladding can consist of various panel types that offer different profiles, colours, finishes and styles.

These can be standard trapezoidal profiled panels such as those upon the roof which can be arranged horizontally or vertically to create the desired effect. Flat insulated composite panels are often specified for detail areas such as corners or around entrances to bring attention to theses areas as well as providing a break in the flowing lines of profiled cladding.

Composite Roof Preparation

Various styles are available including those for internal partitioning, microrib & minirib panels. These are available in a variety of colours and finishes although there is a standard colour range which if used helps to avoid extra costs for specific colours.

As standard composite panelling is a sandwich made with plastisol coated steel on the roof that has a leather grain pattern. Different finishes are available as well as a host of colours.

The various thicknesses of panels provide different solutions i.e. 100mm thick panels can be used in a structural capacity or 40mm panels can be used in an aesthetic role whilst increasing the thermal efficiency of blockwork upon an existing building.

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