Edge Lap Treatment of a Distribution Centre in Northampton

JDB Industrial Roofing were asked to help Carlsberg with the problem of edge peel back and lap joint corrosion on their coated steel roof at their Northamptonshire distribution centre.

carlsberg logo on face of building

If not treated quickly and effectively, the combination of untreated cut ends and pollution retention in the lap can be devastating to otherwise sound sheets. Our team prepared and cleaned the sheets, then utilised the Giromax method of SEAMSIL 100 which has been used with great success in the fight against acid rain and pollution led attacks on coated steel clad roofs.

corroded cut ends of roof sheet edges in Northampton

After an initial survey JDB Industrial Roofing quickly established that the roof itself was structurally sound, however corrosion had started to affect the cut ends of the roof sheet edges as well as the roof lap joints where dirt and moisture are easily trapped.

treated and repaired cut ends of roof sheet edges in Northamptonshire