Warehouse Roof Replacement in Acton, London

We were approached by one of our clients to update an old dilapidated warehouse that they had at their business in Acton, London. The existing roof was asbestos, with concrete framework, and brick walls. They required a total face-lift incorporating company colours, whilst introducing more natural light with the installation of FAIRS (factory assembled insulated rooflights) in line with the new composite panels which were to replace the existing asbestos sheeting.

Scaffold and safety nets were installed, and all existing roofing sheets removed and placed in dedicated closable skips for offsite disposal. The composite roof panels were then fixed to the concrete purlins using an approved Kingspan batten and strap method. All flashings were made bespoke to suit in company colours, and gutters were lined with Plygene membrane gutter lining.

The project was finished ahead of schedule! The building has been totally transformed, improving natural light, thermal performance, aesthetics and providing our client with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.