We were contacted by a client who was looking to make their building watertight through refurbishment.  Their business, which still operates from the same site as when it first opened in the 1960’s, had grown and expanded over the last 4 decades and now needed attention.

After our initial survey of the 6000m2 building we discussed the idea of an overclad using 0.7 plastisol coated metal sheeting, introducing insulation to improve on their thermal efficiency.

It was important to our client that when making their decision on which contractor to appoint they made the right decision – they needed someone to listen to their operational needs and work around them.  JDB were able to offer independent references, where our client was able to speak to previous clients to ask questions and confirm what they hoped – that JDB listen!

Once appointed we were able to produce work schedules bespoke to our clients site, adapting our methodology so as not to interrupt their operations at ground level.

overclad roof in middlesex

Debris nets were erected internally to ensure safety of both those working on the ground, and of operatives overhead.  Existing rooflights were replaced, to allow light to flood into the building as the existing were past their life time.  Insulation was introduced, and then metal sheeting in goosewing grey was fitted over the top to the bar and bracket system.  The gutters were lined with Plygene.  All products come with a lengthy manufacturers warranty 15-25 years.

Jonathan Davies, the Managing Director at Polybags said “We were impressed by the speed of turnaround by JDB Roofing, all their roofers were hard-working, easy to deal with and responsive to our needs for keeping operations going during the work without compromising on safety on-site. We were also all helped by some unseasonably sunny late Autumn weather! The over-cladding solution is exactly what we had hoped for and it’s great to have a roof that is now watertight and can be easily maintained going forwards”.

It was fantastic working with our client, who found the case studies on our website useful when making his decision on which contractor to approve to complete their works!

overclad roof in middlesex