Strip and Resheet

We’re here to shed some light on what the common process entails and how it could be used to enhance industrial property

A roof strip and resheet is a term thrown around by many roofing contractors but we’re here to shed some light on what the common process entails and how it could be used to enhance your industrial or commercial building. With our latest jargon busting blog post, you can decipher the best solution for your roofing system and gain a few brownie points in the process from a specialist roofing contractor like ourselves!

What is a Strip and Resheet?

The strip and resheet is essentially another term for a roof replacement. Over time the fibre cement roofs found on older industrial and commercial buildings become corroded, cracked, moss ridden and unsafe, and a strip and resheet can be used to replace your existing system with a more contemporary and protective product like a steel roof.

Time for a Change

Deciding when to undergo a roof replacement can be difficult to calculate especially if you are not familiar with the tell-tale signs. Indoor damp and water spots are the most obvious sign that it is time to call JDB Roofing to enquire about a strip and resheet and find a suitable roofing solution that meets your requirements and doesn’t break the bank. Worn flashing and underlayments are all culprits of roof leaks and should be resolved by a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Taking a closer look at your roof is also recommended where possible to spot common signs like granule loss (on asphalt roofs) and moss growth. These are all indicators that your existing roofing system needs attention. The average lifespan of an industrial roof is 20 years or more so make sure you are clued up on the signs that your roof is reaching the end of its service life and trade it in for a younger, more proficient model.

Why Should You Replace Your Existing System with a Steel Roof?

The steel roofing system offers a number of excellent benefits and is a popular choice amongst our customer base. Steel roofs provide a durable solution for those looking for a system that requires minimal maintenance. On average a steel roof last between 20 and 40 years, and even in the face of the ever-changing great British weather is particularly hardwearing.

A steel roof also offers a stylish and eco-friendly alternative for industrial and commercial building owners with sustainability on their minds or appearances to upkeep. With enhanced protection, energy efficiency and longevity, the steel roofing system could be an excellent candidate for your upcoming roof replacement.

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