Roofing on climate

It has been highlighted in recent research that lighter coloured roofs could offset 150 billion tons of CO2

A team of scientists at Concordia University have investigated how the resurfacing of rooftops and pavements in urban areas with white materials could help to combat global warming. Their research examined what effect a global increase in surface albedo would have on our planet’s temperature and on CO2.

The team contends that by increasing the reflectance, or albedo, of every urban area, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) could be offset and the impact on the climate would be equivalent to taking all the world’s cars off the road for 50 years.

Durr Overclad

The recommendations were based on the work by Hashem Akbari and colleagues of Concordia University in Montreal. Estimates for these studies used the amount of urban roofs and pavement surfaces globally, combined with climate models, to determine the effect on global temperatures of changing the reflectivity of the surface.

Dr Akbari suggested that “This is not a new technology; it has been around for thousands of years,” he explained. “Around Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, white is the builders’ colour of choice for exactly the reasons that we have been discussing. Nowadays, architects in developing countries are mimicking the designs of Western constructions, and more attention is being paid to environmentally friendly practices such as the use of reflective materials. There is a gradual move towards the re-implementation of these historic, passive technologies”.

Whilst the scale of global albedo change might seem daunting, Dr Akbari contends that if the political will can be mustered, implementation could be achieved fairly rapidly.
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